Cast and Crew

Director: Matthew Root

Name:  Matthew Root

D.O.B: 1986/04/16

Nationality:  British

Role(s): Director, producer, cinematographer, editor, colorist, sound mixer, narrator

Filmography: Hae Shin (2020)

                     l AND OF MY FATHER (2020)

                     Crossroads (2019)

                     After the Sewol (2017)

                     Alone (2013)

                     Azaleas (2012)

Matthew Root grew up in Norfolk, England and moved to Cornwall at the age of 22 to attend film school.

Upon graduation, Matthew moved to Daegu, South Korea to begin his filmmaking career. After working on several shorts and features he went onto make his directorial debut documentary film “After The Sewol”, which picked up numerous awards at international film festivals.

Executive Producer: William Henderson

Name:   William Todd Henderson

D.O.B:   1977/11/15

Nationality:   American

Role(s):  Executive Producer, Narrator

Filmography:  Hae Shin (2020)

William grew up in and around Raleigh, North Carolina, and moved to South Korea in 2004 to pursue a dream in competitive taekwondo. While living in Korea, he completed his university studies including extensive Korean language training. William followed a long held desire to be a scuba diver in 2015, and in 2016 began his marine debris cleanup operations in the coastal city of Pohang.


Korean Translators

-William Todd Henderson

-이영미 / Lee, Yeong-Mi

-민병민 / – Min, Byeong-Min  

-정예림 / Jeong, Ye Rim

-방지현 / Bang, Ji-Hyun

-백민경 / Baek, Min-Gyeong

-심도성 / Sim, Do-Sung

Spanish Translators

-Mariano Zuk

-David T. (TEX) Texeira

-Valeria Texeira

-Charely Dorado (차렐리)

-Cecilia Rubino

Chinese Translators





Japanese Translators    

-Chikako Kakoi 圍 知佳子

-Lee, Hyen-Ok 李賢玉                              

-Megumi Kitabayashi 北林恵