Filming for “My Neighbor Charles” and Other News

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It has been a busy couple of weeks. Around the beginning of September and all within a matter of 2 weeks I was contacted by 3 different Korean television networks as well as a somewhat popular YouTube channel here for reasons that all relate to my volunteer work and our documentary. To make a long story short I ended up filming with KBS and for a TV show called “My Neighbor Charles”. The show is a rather popular show that documents the lives of foreigners living here in South Korea with particular focus on foreigners that are having some difficulty in life, or otherwise involved with some extraordinary activity.

They filmed nearly every aspect of my life from cooking to shopping to video calling with family back home. However, the bulk of what they wanted to film was related to scuba diving and my volunteer work. The show’s producers arranged for me to go to Gangneung and go shipwreck diving with diving instructor Kim, In Soo and Pdak Pdak diving club. There we dove the shipwreck “Stella” which is the largest recreational diving shipwreck in Asia, and also an organized Dive Against Debris with several other divers. Anyone interested in reading more about the dive and view some video may check here.

One of the best parts of the experience was having a chance to meet once again with the group of beach sweepers I refer to a “Warrior Mothers” that were mentioned in our documentary! Not only are they cleaning the beaches of their city, but also taking along their children and teaching them about ocean trash as well as living a zero-waste lifestyle. We all met at a coffee shop in Pohang where I gave a private screening of the documentary, and answered questions from the attendees.

The episode will air on KBS1 on December 1st, 2020. Afterward it will be available for streaming on their website here. Note my episode will be Episode 265. It will only be available in Korean language until subtitles are made which I am told I have to make myself. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for THAT!

Shipwreck Diving and Filming in Gangneung

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