Students In Okinawa Celebrate World Oceans Day With “Hae Shin”

World Oceans Day 2020 has come and gone. This here however it was a bit more of an occasion for elementary and middle school students at Hope International Academy, located in Okinawa, Japan.

Long time friend to William, Mr.. Mariano Zuk has for years been teaching at an International school in Thailand, and most recently in Okinawa. He has shared the ocean debris cleanup work William does with his students each year as part of a large curriculum related to ocean and various aspects of the marine environment he develops each year to celebrate World Oceans Day. A 3 day long celebration of the ocean filled with various activities, kicking off with a private screening of Hae Shin to all classes at the school.

Following the viewing of the film, the students had the opportunity to speak with William live via Skype and have a Q&A session about the film and any topics. The following day among all the other in-class activities planned, they took to a nearby beach where they all collected trash from the beach sorting it by type and recording the data! They all became young “Hae Shins” it seems.

Hope International Academy Okinawa Homepage

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